2021 Five-Day Reading Plan

Join us in reading the entire Bible this year!

This year, our church will be reading the entire Bible through with the Five Day Reading plan created by Mark Roberts, developed by Steven Hunt.  

Download the reading schedule here. Learn more about the plan at the Five Day Reading Plan website.

Did you participate in last year's Bible Reading Plan?  Let us know here!

A Few Quick Tips:

1.  Come to each day's reading with the expectation that God will speak to you, giving you a word for your life.

2.  Pray before and as you read.  A simple prayer you could use is, "God give me a word that I might live."

3.  Don't stress!  The beauty of reading 5 days per week instead of every day is that you have some wiggle room! If you miss a day, just catch up when you can.  If you miss a bunch, don't worry about the days you missed for a while.  Catch up with the readings for the current day and go back as you can to the others.

4.  Know that you won't always fully understand everything you read.  Some days you might feel inspiration, some days you won't feel a thing.  That's ok!  The most important thing is that you "put your eyes on the page and your heart on the page."  Trust that the Holy Spirit is planting seeds in your soul that will grow at the right time!

5.  Have fun and enjoy spending time with God!